Revolutionize Your Ride: Discover the Unmatched Durability of Ceramic Coating Today!

Ceramic coatings will give you years of gloss, hydrophobics and ease of maintenance.

To maintain ceramic coatings, we recommend annual vehicle inspections to ensure long-lasting protection and shine.

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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating, also known as nano-ceramic coating, is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle. This coating enhances the gloss and shine of the paintwork while also providing superior protection against various environmental contaminants such as dirt, grime, bird droppings, and UV rays. Ceramic coating can last for several years, depending on the quality of the product and the maintenance routine. It is considered a long-term solution for maintaining a vehicle’s appearance and protecting its resale value.

Ceramic Coating for New Vehicles Starts at $600

Ceramic coating services are tailored to your vehicle’s specific needs and requirements.
For new cars, the service starts at $600, while for new SUVs, it starts at $800. With our expertise and commitment to quality, your car or SUV will be equipped with a durable, long-lasting ceramic coating that enhances its appearance and preserves its value.

Ceramic Coating Glass

Ceramic coating for glass offers unparalleled protection, enhancing clarity and durability while repelling water and dirt. Starts at $200.

– Front windshield $200-$250
– Remaining windows $150 if windshield was purchased.
– Panoramic roofs $200

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Discover the Benefits of Ceramic Coatings for Your Vehicle

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Water just beads off the car

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A cleaner looking car for longer

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Protection from the elements

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Ease of maintenance

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Looks extra glossy

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Ceramic Coating for Older Vehicles

For the ultimate in paint perfection, we offer a paint enhancement service that meticulously removes up to 60% of swirls, scratches, and imperfections from your vehicle’s paint surface.


This service is highly recommended before applying ceramic coating, as it ensures a flawless finish and maximizes the benefits of the coating. Prices for our paint enhancement service start at $200 for cars and $300 for SUVs and trucks.


Treat your vehicle to a makeover today and experience the difference!

Introducing Premium Tire Coating

For just an additional $30-40, you can upgrade to this premium tire coating, ensuring that your tires look their best for longer.

Add the finishing touch to your car’s appearance with our premium tire coating option. Average lifespan 4-8 weeks.