One of the great things about getting your car cleaned with Rinzer is that you can enjoy all the benefits of a clean car, without having to do any work.  Not to mention that professionals are able to clean hard-to-reach surfaces and use tools that leave the car spotless.  That’s why many of us have gotten into the routine of leaving this chore up to the professionals.  However, it never hurts to give our car a quick clean between washes, even if that means just wiping it down to help maintain its look.

While this task is not very time consuming, one thing is clear: you have to use the right products.  The absolute last thing you want to do is use harmful products that damage your car.  While there are many different products at your local grocery store, one that we’ve probably all seen is the famous all-purpose cleaner (APC). So, how do you pick out the right APC for your car and how should it be used?  Let’s take a look.

How to Pick an All-Purpose Cleaner for Car Detailing

The reason that all-purpose cleaners are so popular is because they’re gentle cleansers that can be used on many different types of surfaces.  Rather than spending money on different products for each surface of your car, a good APC can be used on the exterior and interior of the car, clearing away dust, grime, and dirt from various surfaces.  But as with any product, not all APCs are made the same; consider the following 3 tips before making a purchase.

Choose a Vehicle All-Purpose Cleaner

You should always opt for a vehicle all-purpose cleaner.  When you go to the store, you’ll likely notice many different options, but some of them aren’t specifically aimed towards vehicles.  Look for companies that say things similar to “multi-purpose auto cleaner” or “powerful cleaning for all auto surfaces.”

Read the Package & Check the Ingredients

You should also read what the package says before making a purchase.  The idea is to buy a product that can be used on different types of surfaces.  The last thing you want to do is buy a product that can’t actually be used on the type of material that your car has.  This means you’ll have to buy more products so that you can successfully clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle.  Or worse, it may not be compatible with your vehicle, leading to possible damage.  When checking the package, also take note of the ingredients.  Does it contain any harsh ingredients?  Does the product have a scent that you may or may not like?

Check the Reviews

We can’t stress this enough: always check the reviews!  Learn from other people’s mistakes or success stories when it comes to APCs.  Rather than reviews that just say “good” or “it worked,” you should pay special attention to reviews that mention the effectiveness of the product; the idea is that the product easily removes built up grime without too much trouble.

Cleaning Your Car With an All-Purpose Cleaner

After you choose an APC, it’s time to get to work.  You can use your all-purpose cleaner on these 5 surfaces:

#1: Dashboard & Door Panels

There are many companies that sell cleaners for this specific part of the car, but it’s not necessary to waste money on separate products.  All you have to do is use the product to wipe away dirt and dust and it will instantly look better.

#2: Engine

When you wash your engine, you can use the all-purpose cleaner as a degreaser.  Just make sure the cleanser you choose works on extra greasy areas such as the engine.

#3: Seats

There are certain materials that may have specific cleaning instructions, such as fragile leather seats, but the majority won’t be harmed with an all-purpose cleaner.

#4: Glass

Dirty windows make the entire vehicle look dirty.  Many people ask, can you use all-purpose cleaner on glass?  And the answer is yes!  A good cleanser will easily wipe away stains, dirt, and streaks on the window. 

#5: Tires

Cleaning your tires will help get rid of excess dirt and dust that have accumulated on the tires.  Since this can wear them down faster, it’s important to remember to clean them when you’re washing the rest of the car.

Detailing Your Vehicle

While the right all-purpose cleaner will help keep your car clean, there’s nothing better than a comprehensive car detailing.  At Rinzer, we provide a full exterior wash and interior clean, with special attention paid to polishing and removing superficial scratches.  This deep clean means that you don’t have to worry about cleaning hard-to-reach areas; you can simply enjoy a clean car at all times, or use your APC for a quick and effortless refresh at home.

The next time you don’t have time to clean your car or simply want your car washed by a professional, contact us at Rinzer.  Our on-demand car wash comes to you; all you have to do is let us know when and where you want the service and we’ll get the job done.


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