How Often Should You Clean Your Car?

Buying a car is a huge achievement, as well as an added responsibility. Since vehicles are a big investment, it’s important that they’re well maintained in order to improve their performance and durability.  While some of the necessary maintenance is more expensive than others (buying new tires, for example), one of the cost efficient ways to keep your vehicle in top condition is keeping it clean.  


This small but important habit can make a huge impact on the functionality and appearance of your car.  Since there are many benefits of keeping your car clean, it leaves many wondering how often they should be scheduling a car wash.

How Often Should You Clean Your Car?


As a general rule of thumb, your vehicle should be cleaned every 2 weeks.  That said, there’s quite a bit of diversity when it comes to driving habits and road conditions.  Before determining how often you should wash your car, consider the following factors:

#1: Where You Live

The environment that your car is exposed to can have a huge impact on the vehicle.  Let’s say you live near the coast; the humidity and salt in the air can cause rust and other potential issues.  In similar environments where your vehicle is exposed to harsh weather conditions, it may need to be cleaned more often.

#2: Where You Use Your Car

Ask yourself, where do you usually drive?  Are you driving on the highway, through neighborhoods, or through dirt-filled backroads?  Where you drive makes a huge difference in how often your car should be cleaned.  If you leave dirt, mud, and other harmful materials on your car, it can have long-term effects on the vehicle; we’ll discuss this more below.

#3: How Often You Use Your Car

Someone who drives their car 5 hours a day may have different needs than someone who only uses their car to run to the grocery store once a week.  Just as with any other car maintenance, your car use can affect how often you’ll require a deep clean.  


Your driving habits play a big role in how often you should wash your car.  An important point to remember, though, is that just because a car doesn’t look dirty, doesn’t necessarily mean it shouldn’t be washed.  After you determine how often you should wash your car, it’s recommended to start including it in your regular routine.  This is important because many people procrastinate getting their car washed or lose track of how long it’s been.  By getting in the habit of washing it every 2 weeks or however often you need, it helps you maintain that schedule and keep your car in pristine condition.


Advantages of Keeping Your Car Clean

Enhanced Appearance

There’s no denying that a clean car looks and feels good!  Your car is your biggest accessory, so you should be proud to keep it in great condition.  When you drive a clean car around town, your confidence will improve and you won’t be embarrassed to offer your loved ones a ride.

Improves Your Health

Most people use their car every single day, so the dirt can build up if there’s not a proper cleaning schedule in place.  Car interior cleaning helps remove bacteria and dirt from your car, thus preventing you from being exposed to health hazards.

Prevents Rust

Built up dirt can lead to rust on your car.  Rust, as many of us know, is a car’s worst nightmare.  Not only does it destroy the aesthetic value, but it can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle by eating away at the internal components.  This can create long-term damage by affecting the entire system, also leading to costly repairs.

Extends Vehicle Life

It’s no surprise that preventing rust and saving the structural integrity of the car can also prolong its lifespan.  Since vehicles are a huge investment, they should be treated as such.  By prolonging its life, you’re also saving money.

Improves Resale Value

There may come a time when you want to sell your car and replace it for a newer model.  If your car isn’t in great condition, then it will have a lower trade-in value, therefore costing you a chunk of change.  By protecting your car from rust and other maintenance issues, your car will be worth more in the future.

Increased Safety

A dirty car can put you at risk for driving accidents.  This is because dirty windows, mirrors, or windshields can make you lose visibility and react slowly to other drivers on the road.  The visual clutter can also affect your brain’s ability to pay attention, provoking distractions and stress when behind the wheel.

How to Get in the Habit of Keeping Your Car Clean


It’s not enjoyable to drive around in a dirty car, so why do so many people let their cars get to that point?  The reason is usually as simple as not having the time or not even remembering to do it.  It’s also undeniable that washing your own car isn’t a fun way to spend the afternoon, especially when you could be working, relaxing, or doing something more productive with your time.


The first step in turning this into a habit is determining how often you should clean your car.  After deciding an appropriate schedule based on your driving habits, the next step is the hardest one: sticking to a schedule.  You can do this by setting reminders on your phone or scheduling your washes in advance. This way you’ll be reminded of when it’s time to clean your car, even when your busy lifestyle distracts you.


After you decide on a routine that you feel comfortable with, the next thing you have to do is make this habit as pain-free as possible.  At Rinzer, our goal is to change the way people think about car washes.  Rather than making it a chore, our service helps car owners keep their car clean in the easiest way possible.  Whenever you need a wash, go to our website and schedule an appointment.  We’ll come to you at the location and time you desire for a no-contact car wash.  Just choose the plan you want and we’ll take care of the rest!



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