There’s no denying that leather seats are stylish, attractive, and add to your car’s interior appeal. And though leather is typically harder to stain, it does lose some of its appeal as it ages—especially if you don’t maintain it properly. That’s exactly why we’re going to pinpoint what you should be doing in your everyday life to maintain your leather, as well as special treatments you can get with Rinzer at your regular cleanings.

How to Protect Leather Car Seats in Your Everyday Life

There are several ways to protect leather car seats: 

  • Use a leather conditioner or protectant: This will help to keep the leather moisturized and prevent cracking or drying. 
  • Use seat covers: Custom-fit seat covers can protect the leather from spills, stains, and wear and tear. 
  • Regularly vacuum and wipe down the seats: This will help remove dirt and debris that can cause damage over time. 
  • Avoid exposing the seats to direct sunlight or extreme heat: When exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, leather can dry out and fade. Try parking in shaded areas or using a sunshade to prevent damage.
  • Avoid spilling liquids on the seats: If a liquid is spilled, be sure to wipe it up as quickly as possible to prevent staining.
  • Don’t keep potentially damaging objects in your pocket: Leather scratches and tears are especially difficult to repair. Always ensure that keys, metal wallets, pocket knives, and any other sharp or pointed objects are properly stored.
  • Get them professionally cleaned: Aside from the above tips, you should also get your seats (and entire car) cleaned by a professional regularly. We’ll discuss why this is important below.

Getting Your Leather Interior Seats Professionally Cleaned with Rinzer

The frequency at which you get your car professionally cleaned depends on the usage of your car and the condition of the leather. If you use your car frequently and the leather seats are exposed to dirt, spills, and heavy use, they may need to be cleaned more frequently than if you don’t use your car often. That said, it’s crucial that you include interior leather cleaning as part of your regular cleaning.

This is because professional cleaning can help maintain your leather’s appearance and prolong its lifespan. Leather seats are prone to staining and cracking over time, and regular cleaning can remove dirt and grime that can cause damage. A professional cleaner will also have the appropriate tools and products to properly clean and condition the leather, which can help to prevent cracking and drying, therefore prolonging the life of the seats. Additionally, professional cleaning can help remove any unpleasant odors that may be present in the car. 

Remember that the best way to protect your leather car seats is by getting them cleaned regularly by a professional. At Rinzer, our Rinzer Deep and Rinzer TLC car washes include the cleaning and conditioning of interior leather. If you’re ready to schedule your on-demand car wash, click here. All you have to do is let us know when and where you want your car cleaned, and we’ll come to you.


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